Rocket Invoice Version 2.0 Update
May 12, 2014 — The current version of Rocket Invoice is not actively updated, however the next version is in development. It's a ground-up rewrite of the original version to support the latest techniques in PHP development. The new version will require PHP 5.4 or newer (PHP 5.2 will no longer be supported). My goal is to make invoicing incredibly simple... to do this I had to rethink invoicing. Version 2.0 approaches invoicing in a no-fuss, fun, and simplified manner.

Finally, invoicing that's out of your way and lets to get back to what you love to do.

It's a refreshing approach to invoicing. You are going to love it.

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Your Invoicing, Your Way

Familiar Technology

PHP and MySQL are at the heart of Rocket Invoice. Web designers and developers will be able to customize their invoicing experience with ease.

activeCollab Integration

New feature! Rocket Invoice can be configured to connect to activeCollab to generate invoices from time entries.

File Delivery to Clients

Upload files to be delivered to your clients after they've paid an invoice. Useful for web designers, developers, graphic artists and online content distributors.

Unlimited Clients, Invoices, Recurring Invoices and Estimates

Rocket Invoice is downloaded and installed on your web server. No limits are placed on the number of invoices you send each month, estimates that are created or recurring invoices generated. You're free to use Rocket Invoice as much and as often as you need.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language

Rocket Invoice supports invoicing clients in your currency and in your language.

One-Click Software Updates

No need to manually update Rocket Invoice. With the built-in software updater, the latest additions to Rocket Invoice are just one click away.

Recurring Invoices

Automatically generate and send recurring invoices to your clients.

Credit Memos and Estimates

Rocket Invoice supports many statement types—not only invoices.

Online Payments with PayPal and Authorize.Net

Accept payments from your customers directly on your website with PayPal and Authorize.Net payment gateways. On file credit cards allow customers to store their credit card on file to make paying invoices more convenient (with Authorize.Net CIM).

What's new in Rocket Invoice? Compound taxes, user interface updates and new payment gateways